Serene model

Please note that we are currently sold out of all aromaSpas, and are not taking new orders at this time. You may wish to call 800-AROMA-SPA or check online for another dealer.

Individuals looking for academic apparel or uniforms may wish to go to the appropriate links on our home page where we have formalwear and blazers for sale.

For Graduation Cap and Gowns we suggest visiting Graduation cap and gowns dot com, who offers doctoral gowns (including the deluxe PhD gown) and doctoral tam.

Other items of interest include the doctoral hood and the PhD hood.
Each of these academic hoods may be worn with the appropriate doctoral gown and cap as part of full academic regalia (doctoral regalia).

Information about the aromaSpa steam room is provided below, as a service to those customers who found our site.


The Serene model aromaSpa™ aromatic steam capsule is built for years of luxury and designed for ease of use. Quick and simple to set up, the aromaSpa capsule requires no plumbing, special electrical connections, or time consuming maintenance.

Enjoying the Serene is as easy and convenient as it is luxurious. Just fill the steam generator with water to the level indicated. Add your choice of essential oils, set your power and steam controls, and allow a brief warm-up period. Then simply sit back, relax, and enjoy.

In addition to all the advanced features, your Serene aromaSpa capsule arrives with a treasure of indulgent accessories. For the ultimate spa experience, we include a selection of essential oil blends and amenities for hours of pampering enjoyment.

Serine Spa
includes amenities kit
Shipping (domestic US ONLY) is $75.00.

The item is fully warranted for 1 yr from the Mfg.

Ships via UPS from California. Approx. ship time is 5-7 business days to most of USA. For ship time outside of USA, please call 800-788-9336.

Additional Amenities Kit

See the Gemini model here.



Find academic regalia on CapsandGown dot com.

Custom Made Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Gowns, Velvet Tams, offered with Custom Academic Hoods. ), faculty quality and souvenir quality academic regalia, so we can handle all budgets and qualities desired. wishing to purchase long lasting academic regalia, rather than renting and rerenting used regalia each semester.

At Caps and Gown we specialize in providing quality academic caps, gowns, and hoods for faculty members. Whether it be a group order or an individual last minute emergency, we have the academic regalia for you. In addition to special making caps and gowns to order, we stock a wide variety of gowns.

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