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academic tassels and accessories

The academic regalia department of Saxon Uniforms presents Honor Stoles, Honor chords and Academic Tassels for your cap and gown sets.

Cap and Gown sets each come with one tassel. However additional tassels may be ordred separately.

Order solid or two tone graduation tassels (same price).

For other academic items, such as caps and gowns, please visit our main graduation regalia page.


We do not require your head size for mortarboards, as we use a one size fits all elastic cap that tends to fit most people much better than the old "sized" caps.

Price: individual mortarboards without tassels - $12.75 each.

Individual tassels can be ordered for $6.50 each.
24 tassels or more, $4.75 each.



Orders under $30, please add $5.00 small order fee. / $30.00 order or more, no small order fee.

OTHER THAN BLACK -- Please add $2.00 to above

Honor Stoles Plain -- $12.75 each;
Honor Stoles with the word Honor imprinted on them $15.75 each

Honor Cords - $8.75 each


Shipping/Handling charges:
Standard (domestic - UPS ground) shipping for orders under $100.00 is $8.50
If order is between $101.00-199.00 then $12.50 s/h.
If order is $200.00 or more, then s/h is 6%.

For rush shipping, please add $15.00 to above
For air shipping (2 day) please add $20.00 to above
For next day air shipping, please add $35.00 to above

For international, please contact our office. We generally ship international packages via UPS Express or FedEx. In order for us to find out the shipping, include your full address (line by line) and phone #, and what it is you will be getting, so we can contact them with the size box needed and weight so we can quote you the shipping rate.

To order, we would need your

  • Name of person ordering
  • Bill-to address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Ship-to address (if different)
  • Home tel #
  • Work (or Cell) tel#
  • Payment Info 
  • Date Needed 
    (so we know whether to ship via UPS Ground, or by Air (i.e. Fed-X)
  • SPECIAL REQUESTS, confirmations, etc. If there is anything different or special about this order (such as optional piping on gown) we need to know about, be sure to let us know. We will contact you if we have questions about your order.




     For large quantity orders requireing wholesale pricing, visit  honor stoles  or honor chord  .com


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